Special Message to The Stripper

So it has been since November that I have not heard from The Stripper.

He gave up stripping and everything around it — including me.  I know I know, you all are saying “How can that be?!  You are incredible!”  Yes, I know … I also do not understand it.  Such a coward; only a very stupid man would give me up. I lost my muse a bit. But in his parting message to me, he said he would from time to time check this page to see what titillating things I had to write.

So Stripper, remember that thing you loved to have done, but I had never done?  Well, I now have … and too damn bad that you are not around for me to share the pictures with as I had promised.


Oh you men …take note


And this is how some men just make me feel.  Men, take note about the effect you can make on a woman who is not “porno perfect.”  I have met several men in my life who have had this same effect on me.  They are out there ladies…

And women, don’t let a man make you feel less than what you are.  I gotta say, since moving I am delighted with the number of men who like my “padding,” as one guy called it.

Be fierce ladies,


PS … I have started writing again, and will soon be posting more chapters to “True Stories of a Male Stripper,” and other short erotic stories.  Stay tuned!