My latest escapade …

Sunday’s day of writing has led me to write about my latest younger guy sexual adventure.  People wonder why I like younger guys, and why Jeeps are so attractive to me.  Check out my newest piece of erotica, The Jeep, and you will get some idea.  I am not stuck on the title … what do you all think?

Be fierce ladies!



Special Message to The Stripper

So it has been since November that I have not heard from The Stripper.

He gave up stripping and everything around it — including me.  I know I know, you all are saying “How can that be?!  You are incredible!”  Yes, I know … I also do not understand it.  Such a coward; only a very stupid man would give me up. I lost my muse a bit. But in his parting message to me, he said he would from time to time check this page to see what titillating things I had to write.

So Stripper, remember that thing you loved to have done, but I had never done?  Well, I now have … and too damn bad that you are not around for me to share the pictures with as I had promised.


Oh you men …take note


And this is how some men just make me feel.  Men, take note about the effect you can make on a woman who is not “porno perfect.”  I have met several men in my life who have had this same effect on me.  They are out there ladies…

And women, don’t let a man make you feel less than what you are.  I gotta say, since moving I am delighted with the number of men who like my “padding,” as one guy called it.

Be fierce ladies,


PS … I have started writing again, and will soon be posting more chapters to “True Stories of a Male Stripper,” and other short erotic stories.  Stay tuned!

First timers …

A big shout out to Sydney Jones, a Journalism student at Dalhousie University who had the show of her life when I sent over my hottie Damon to entertain her and some of her girlfriends.  Now, normally I would never rat out who has hired one of my fabulous entertainers.  Discretion is always assured to clients.  However, in this case, Sydney, being the modern and fierce woman that she is, wrote about it for an assignment for a course.  You can read all about it on Peninsula News, with her appropriately titled article “Pollyanna’s Entertainment ‘finds the beauty in every woman.'”  I am sure she will get an “A”!

Be fierce ladies,


I work hard …

You would think that it would be easy to find guys who want to take off their clothes for cheering and lusty women for money.  It is not.  Some guys are damn hot.  Some guys love being naked.  But put a crowd of lusty women in the mix, and they lose their nerve. Not to mention their hard-on 😉  Finding the right mix of a guy who is slightly sub, while still super hot and flirty, who will ask “how high” when I say jump … now that is a great find.

It takes many interviews of hot guys to find this right mix … to interview them, get them naked, check out the size of their manhood, and make sure they can perform.  It is hard work.  But do I mind when I find that diamond in the rough?

Not at all … 😉