True Stories of a Male Stripper – Chapter 1

It’s here ladies!

I have posted the first chapter of True Stories of a Male Stripper for you all to read.

I hope you all enjoy.  The next chapters will be available throughout the next few months via Smashwords or some other ebook method for all you ebook people out there.







Ladies (and gentlemen).  Anyone who knows me knows that I adore younger men.  Call me a cougar if you must.  If I like the look of a guy, guess what?  I am going to talk to him.  Who cares if I am not a perfect size 8 or if he is 10 years younger than me.

Here is something I am finding:  the more 18-30 year olds that I talk to, flirt with and have dates with, they tell me that they like, nay enjoy when a woman is forward and makes the first move.  Granted, most of the guys I date are into more experienced woman to begin with.  But the reason they like older women?  Because of our confidence and our “no holds barred” approach to life.

Now ladies, doesn’t that give us something to think about.  Be fierce ladies!



Story excerpt

Make sure to check out a small excerpt from True Stories of a Male Stripper. The full chapter will be available for free shortly.  Other chapters will be available to purchase shortly as soon as the real Subject One thinks it is good enough.

Make sure to check out his quotes … he has been chatty lately 😉