I Smell Like Sex

I smell like sex. I wonder if anyone else can smell it. I look around the meeting room, seeing if anyone is looking at me differently. They seem to be oblivious to the sex odour that is emanating from me. Christ, this meeting is boring. My nipples are still at attention from this morning. Does anyone at least notice that? They don’t seem to. As he drones on and on about Quarter 4 forecasts, I rub my thighs together under the meeting table, ever so slightly rubbing together the lips of my cunt. It feels good. I do it again, but slightly more forcefully, then quickly look around to see if anyone has noticed. They have not. I lean back a bit further in my chair, and let my mind wander to this morning.

I smell like sex. I woke up with Him on my mind. I must have been dreaming about Him because my pussy was wet, sticky. My nipples were tender. I laid there in my bed, horny, running my hand over my pussy hair, exciting myself. I looked at the clock. If I hurried, I could masturbate before work and put out that fire in my cunt. I leaned over and got my vibrator from my drawer, set it to high, and turned it on. That first pulse of electricity through my hand always made my nipples hard, because it knew what was coming.

I smell like sex. As soon as I spread my legs, I knew it was going to be a good sex morning. With my left hand on my tit, I played with my vibrator over my pussy hair, before setting it straight on my clit. I pushed hard, sending my back into an arch, and causing me to squeeze my tit hard. I let my mind wander to Him.

I smell like sex. It is like my body instantly juices up when I remember Him. I let myself remember his lips, and that electric moment when our lips touch, and I feel his tongue tease my own. Fuck, he was a good kisser. I find myself biting my lower lip remembering this, as I run the vibrator up and down my slit. I settle it back onto my clit, and remember the feeling of his body on top of mine, his lips on mine, his fingers rubbing my pussy. I try to mimic that feeling with my vibrator.

I smell like sex. Fuck, why won’t this orgasm come? It is taking longer than usual. I let my mind wander again, remembering Him, his fingers and then his cock inside me, and then again those lips … kissing me, kissing my tits, my navel, and finally my pussy. There is nothing in this world like the first time your lover puts their mouth on your pussy. The expectation, and then the warmth of their saliva and the forcefulness of their tongue, opening you up. I arch my back again, remembering his tongue, licking at each fold, coming to rest on my clit. Just like my vibrator now.

I smell like sex. Even more now as I rub my vibrator harder in circles around my clit. I am juicy, and all because of Him. I can feel it, my orgasm, just out of reach. I remember him, teasing my pussy with his cock, before ramming it in after making me ask for it. God, it felt like he was fucking the air out of my lungs. I liked it. I rub my vibrator harder, and finally, finally, my orgasm hits me, causing a huge moan to escape my lips.

I smell like sex. I basked in my orgasm afterglow too long to take a proper shower before work. Jumping out of bed, I just barely made it to work on time for this meeting. The room has suddenly gone quiet. My boss is asking me something, and I have no idea what. Suddenly this is the moment when everyone seems to smell what I have smelled. They notice my flushed cheeks and shallow breathing. My hands gripping the arms of the office chair. People look, then avert their eyes, as if they have seen something they do not want to see. But is the afterglow of sex on a woman’s face something to avoid?

I smell like sex. And now everyone else smells it too.