Quotes from The Stripper

Women want to tip…..stuff a bill in your shorts and squeeze your cock. It’s all part of the stripper experience right?

Seriously a woman opening up her purse so she can see my cock…or more is a turn on. I love that.

… I know women enjoy my body and what I do with it.

… yes it is a job for me but one I enjoy. I love making, watching women cum. It is a great turn on for me. So although it is business, it is one I get into… [am] passionate about.

I love to be between a woman’s legs making her cum…Feel her squirm and scream as I tease and lick her. It makes my dick hard. Then I can fuck her brains out and make her cum some more!

I think the money aspect is hot for the women…..liberating. They can treat me like an object…like meat and the money just reinforces that. I am nothing but a whore.

This may sound strange but the fact women are willing to pay makes it [sex] more erotic. I love it when a woman flashes some cash or stuffs it in and cops a feel. Money makes it more dramatic.

The visual aspect of having a woman’s hand with nicely manicured nails (hopefully painted) wrapped around your cock is tough to beat.

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