The Jeep

You pick me up in your cherry-red Jeep, under the pretense to play pool. I see from your eyes when I open the door to get in, that pool will not happen. I try to get you interested in playing pool, I truly do … but your eyes on my huge tits that bounce along the pot-holed street excites me; makes me putty in your hands.

Oh your hands! How I longingly remember them. I am very dominant, but so are you. The change in flavor from dealing with a sub to a strong, lean young man makes my pussy wet. It still makes my pussy wet as I remember that night; makes it throb so much that I know I am blushing as I sit in this coffee shop in now wet panties.

We talk and drive. I enjoy the ease at which conversation flows, and I enjoy the multitude of compliments about my attractiveness that seem to flow easily from your luscious lips. Lips that I have masturbated to frequently, remembering how they made my body dance. I listen attentively to you – you are quite interesting to me – as we drive around the city. I still try to get you interested in pool – really, but deep down I wish for you to … I sigh as I try to control my lust and not think about where I want to be with you, or what I want your lips to do to me.

I am listening to you; I know you want to fuck me, but I will not make it easy for you. I realize that we are north of the city, going on a dirt road. A bumpy dirt road, that makes my tits bounce hard. When I ask you if you are taking me down these bumpy roads on purpose, you slyly smile. And then you freely admit that you love to watch my tits bounce. You remind me of a previous encounter, when I lubed up your large, young cock, put it between my enormous tits, and tit-fucked you. You tell me how wonderful it was; that you wished we had fucked more in the past. I agree, but have to look away, because I know that if I look too long into those lustful dark eyes, I will put my hand on your crotch, unzip you and suck your cock while you drive.

You make my blood feel like it is on fire – full of intense hormones that want nothing more than to let you strip me naked and use my body. I must control myself – I want this to last, this feeling of being desired, wanted.

You suggest we get some beers and sit somewhere quiet and tell ghost stories. I laugh because it sounds so high school, but I agree. You had told me once before that “drunk me can’t resist you,” that I took as an insult but now think it could work to my advantage. We pick up some beers, and head out onto the highway. You pick a farmer’s road, and we laugh easily with each other as we drive down it, listening to the radio and joking with each other. Our sense of humour is similar; a man who can make me laugh has a good chance of getting into my panties, I remind you.

As the road ends, you put your old jeep into 4×4, and we ride across the farmer’s empty field. The manliness of this stimulates me. We bounce along, and it makes me laugh, reminds me of my childhood, and makes me happy. You stop, and look right at my tits. You tell me in no small terms that you want to see them bounce as you roughly drive up over the embankment back onto the road.

We stop on the road, and crack open a beer each. I do not drink often, so it hits me fairly quickly. You on the other hand are almost sober it seems. I tell you I can read your palm, and you give your hands to me. I look at your palms, see things that make me smile, and tell you some of what I see. I cannot give away all the secrets I see. Your right thumb brushes against my left tit, and I am not sure if it is on purpose or by accident. I like it either way.

You announce that you have to pee, and step out of the jeep; you tease me and ask me if I want to see your penis. I laugh nervously because I want to say yes, want to so badly, but I am enjoying the flirting. I do not want your effort to end so easily. The night is so beautiful that I stare straight ahead instead of trying to watch you. You get back in, and we talk a bit more. I open another beer, as do you. You try to touch me, kiss me… I am nervous, but you smell so good… and I love those lips. I remember those lips. I push you away, but you come back – more forceful. It has been a while since we have been together, and I am not used to someone not following my commands. You do not listen to me, and kiss me, put your hand on my right tit and squeeze. Your tongue enters my mouth, and it is like my pussy has fully been revived; remembers this lustful tongue that made it loudly moan in the past.

I pull away, and escape out of the jeep. I can see where this is going, and am now unsure I want it to go there. My pussy, wet, says one thing, and my brain says another. You are too young, my brain tells me. My pussy tells me that you are a hot young man who has brought me pleasure in the past, so why not again? I walk a bit to let my blood cool off, and you follow me. Pester me. I am not usually one to like it … but I do. Immensely. I tell you I have to pee, and to go around the other side of the jeep. You ask me what I would do if you wanted to watch me pee… wanted me to pee on you. I laugh, and tell you “not tonight,” and laugh again as it seems the beers might be kicking in for you as well. I finish peeing, and you come towards me. You again try to kiss me, grab at my tits, and I try to pull away. I try to tickle you to get you to let go. But you are not ticklish. But I am.

You tickle me, and I laugh and pull away, but you are relentless. You are behind me, tickling me and then you seize my tits. I am pushing your hands away, but they keep coming. You only stop your onslaught when I am up against the side of your jeep. You lean in, and I have nowhere to go. You kiss me, and I am no longer in control of my body. I grab the back of your head, and kiss you long and hard, the way I have wanted to since I got into your jeep. My tongue and yours dance against each other; I nibble on your lips; I wrap my right leg around you, and pull you into me. I feel ravenous for you – grab at you and want you to enter me. My brain finally catches up to my body however, and I push you away. Tell you this is not right. Compose myself once again, and walk back to get into the jeep.

I have laid my cards on the table, and you now know how hot for you I am. We both get into the front seat, and you flirt some more with me. I shift in my seat, as my panties are now super wet, and you lean over and lift the lever to recline my seat. I fall quickly, my tits bouncing, and you are on top of me. The beers are having the desired effect, and I let you pull up my top, slip your hand into my bra, and fondle my tit. You are kissing me, and I cannot stop my body from responding. I shove my tongue against yours, hear you say “Ah, here it is,” and squirm as your fingers tease and squeeze my right nipple – the more sensitive of my breasts. You take your lips away from mine, and apply them with intense pressure to that ticklish nipple. I jump and try to get you off, but there is no moving you from sucking and nibbling on my now highly eroticized tit.

You want to finger me, but I know that if I let your fingers into my pussy, there will be no turning back. I will have to fuck you then. There will be no ifs, ands or buts – it will happen. I tell you no, and you beg for a “little taste.” I again say no, and you rub my crotch through my jeans. My foot goes up onto your dashboard without even thinking to give your hand further access to my hot pussy. You rub me and squeeze me through my light jeans, your face alternating between my tit and my mouth. I am loving every minute. But I cannot tell you that.

I notice a car coming down the road, and we immediately stop our sexual groping. We throw out our beer cans, and the lights of the police car are suddenly on us. Being dominant, I would have totally taken control of the situation, but you immediately deal with it. I sit there feeling protected by you – a new feeling for me.  And incredibly attracted to you.

Once you have sweet talked the police officer out of a ticket, we head off back to the city. But you have stirred something inside me, inside my pussy. I do not want it to stop. We drive around, easily chatting, and then you stop outside my house. You ask if you can come in, and I say no. I am sobering up. I know that if I allow you into my house, then I will have lost all control. You start complimenting me, and lean over and kiss me again. I am past trying to deny that I want to kiss you, too, so kiss you back forcibly. I tell myself that kissing you is not so bad, that I can control myself. A kiss is nothing. I let my mouth explore yours, and your tongue sets my pussy on fire again. You try to get your hand down my pants again – more forcefully than last time. I slap your hand away. I tell you I am going, and you pull me towards you, kissing me more powerfully. I let you have your way with my mouth, and do not protest when your hands pull my tit free of its lace enclosure, and your mouth again greedily sucks my nipple, making it stand up hard and straight. I tell you to lie back on your seat. You think we are going to have sex, so immediately do as I say. Ah, back to my norm of being obeyed. But instead, I say goodbye and open the door to leave.

You spring up from your seat, and drag me back into the jeep. You are again kissing me, and leaning me back onto the passenger seat. You tell me how much you want to taste me, to fuck me. Your dirty talk delights me. You ask me if I want to see your cock, and I hear you unzip your jeans. You lean back onto your seat, and fully expose your young, straight, incredibly hard cock to me. You start to touch yourself, stroke yourself … I cannot stop staring at your cock, the star of several nights of masturbation on my part. You are talking dirty to me, but I barely hear it. I cannot help myself, and as if in a dream, I lean over and take your cock into my mouth. I relish the taste of you, love the smooth feeling of you on my tongue as I run it up and down your shaft, suck you deep into my mouth. I almost immediately hear you telling me to suck your balls. I understand now why men like it when I give them orders, because you directing me to suck harder, stroke more, lick the head of your cock, all of this turns me on. I feel like a complete whore. I must try to take control again, but cannot stop sucking you, harder, taking you deeper, God I enjoy hearing you moan. I spit on my hand, firmly grab your shaft again, stroke you, and hear you again telling me to suck your balls. Your young balls, they both almost fit into my mouth. I try my best to fit them both in as I strengthen my grip and rub your cock harder. You tell me to use my tongue more on your balls, and I greedily and readily obey. I cannot seem to establish control again – my mouth is at your mercy.

I finally regain some composure and stop. I sit up, and try to fix my hair. You grab my hand back to your cock, and I let you fold my fingers over it and rub it firmly up and down. I look at you, this young face with the dark eyes that turns me on so completely, turns me into a submissive. Almost. I am in control of your pleasure, I remember. I take control again. Now it is me who readily leans in and takes your cock gluttonously into my mouth. I do as I like with your cock – sucking it deep, stroking it hard, hearing you moan, groan, compliment my mouth, feeling your hand slide down the back of my jeans, searching for my wet pussy. “I just want a taste,” you again tell me. But I must be in control and slap your hand away again. I will loose all control if your charmed fingers touch my clit.

I like the challenge of trying to get both of your young balls into my mouth, so again suck on your balls to your immense delight. You tell me that if I let you come into my house, you will let me tie you up, handcuff you, blindfold you – things I have wanted to do before and which you denied me. Now I deny you for my own pleasure – it pleases me to see you so desperate for my touch. I decide I want an entire night of having your body to myself for my sole pleasure. I stroke your cock harder, and you lean back. You again try to temp me with what you will allow me to do to you. I stop stroking, and get out of your jeep. I walk over to the passenger side, and you reach for my hand and put it back on your cock. Again, you desperately try to get me to say yes to you. But I am now in control. I firmly rub that hard young cock, and then order you to rub yourself. I confess that I used to make my strippers do this for my pleasure too, that I love watching a man fondle himself while I watch. You continue trying to entice me to let you into my house, into my bed, but I say goodbye. You call me a tease jokingly, and I have to turn away. The vision of you, with your cock laid exposed in the driver’s seat of your jeep could be too much. I walk away, to my house, and do not turn back.

I am bombarded with text messages from you, calling me a tease. Your text messages are meant to entice me; messages like “I would totally drive back to your place just to eat you out,” and “I just wanted to have your clit on my tongue.” Others telling me you want to see me naked in my garter and stockings again. And then my ultimate favourite “All I want right now is to go over to your place and put my cock in your mouth again, put my face between your thighs and then fuck the shit out of you.”

Your declarations please me; make me wet. I smile. I do so love younger guys.