True Stories of a Male Stripper

My first chapter is just about ready … are you?


Here is a small excerpt to get those juices flowing:

“I am assuming you won the contest?”

“You bet I did,” The Stripper said proudly.  “I was so hard and turned on from the contest, the ladies could probably smell the lust radiating from me.  I had never felt quite that way before.  I got the money, changed, and took the Bachelorette and one of her friends into the men’s room and screwed them dirty and fast, one after the other.”  The Stripper could tell he had shocked Polly with that last statement.  He decided to push her just a bit.  “Don’t you sometimes just need it hard and fast?”

Polly’s eyes widened and a shiver ran down her insides.  “I don’t think we need to talk about that,” she said hurriedly.  “I don’t see the connection between that and being a stripper.  Obviously you don’t live in Vegas now.”

The Stripper smiled at having ruffled her feathers a bit.  “Ah, well I came home and couldn’t get the feeling of being in front of a crowd of lusty women out of my head.  I had wet dreams about it, and would wake up in the morning with an even more serious hard-on that usual.  I played with the idea of stripping for women for a little while.  Finally, I called an ad I saw online for a male strip club that was looking for ‘hot male bodies.’”