Chapter 2 – Jason (page 3)

Polly went into the bathroom and closed the door.  Turning on the taps full force, she sat on the edge of the bathtub and reflected on Jason.  He was upset tonight for sure, but she had seen him more upset than this on more than one occasion.

Putting her apple and tangerine on the edge of the bath, she disrobed and got into the tub. Sitting up, she ate her apple quickly, and tossed the core into the wastebasket. Letting the water fill up around her, Polly tried to think about how she could help Jason; how she could make him feel better.  Her mind kept going to sex.  She held her tangerine in her hand, playing with it the way she used to play with Jason’s testicles when she gave him blowjobs.  Putting the tangerine down, she turned the water off and lay down in the tub.

Still thinking about sex with Jason, she put her hand to her breast and instinctively began playing with her nipple, running her fingernails lightly around the areola causing her nipple to pucker up.  She loved when Jason touched her and tenderly bit her breasts.  She caught herself wondering if The Stripper was rough with breasts.  She quickly averted her thoughts back to Jason, and their early lovemaking days. Deep, passionate kisses during their lovemaking; nights spent in each others arms, talking about future plans, laughing and touching each other for hours.  Oh how she missed that. She had not been properly made love to in such a long time.

Polly replaced her right hand with her left on her breast, and moved her right hand down to her pussy.  Moving her hand around and teasing the hairs on her bikini line, she let her knees drop apart, and laid her hand over her pussy.  She pinched her left nipple hard, imagining Jason’s mouth there, and opened the lips of her cunt with her fingers.  Her middle finger naturally laid on her clit.  She did not often masturbate as Jason thought it was whorish and had instilled this in her.  Feeling very sexual though, she began rubbing her clit in a circular motion, sending a wave of pleasure coursing through her body, causing her nipples to harden even more and her hips to raise themselves up to meet the pleasing finger.  Her head tilted to her left side as she moved her finger in an up and down motion, stopping to tease her pubic hairs.  Her motions with her finger got more intense as she rubbed harder and with more passionate purpose.   A sigh left her lips as she could feel her orgasm rising in her pelvis.  Instead of an image of Jason causing her mounting pleasure, her mind shifted to The Stripper and his admission that he could “…eat pussy like a champ.”  Her imagination was getting hold of her.  She rubbed more intensely on her clit and imagined The Stripper using his tongue on her pussy.  Jason never went down on her – he simply did not like it and refused.  She had reluctantly accepted that about him.  She had two fingers working her pussy over, imagining The Stripper working her pussy lips over with his mouth, eating her out like he would a peach.  Then she stroked her clit while imagining his tongue on her clit, those deep green eyes looking up at her to gauge her pleasure as he stroked his tongue harder.  Polly let out a low, intense moan as her body was engulfed in orgasmic pleasure.  She lay near catatonic as she basked in orgasm afterglow, her body tingling and her pussy pulsating.  She heard a knock on the bathroom door.

“Polly, are you alright? I heard a moan.  I’m coming in,” Jason opened up the door and looked at Polly lying still in the bathtub, her palm lying on her pussy, covering it. “Geez Polly, were you masturbating?!” he gasped.

She opened up her eyes and looked at her lover.  She really wished he would eat her out.  She smiled and nodded her head.

“Polly, you shouldn’t do that.  I’m right here.”

Polly’s eyes widened. “But you won’t touch me tonight!” she exclaimed, frustrated and annoyed. “You hardly touch me anymore!”

“Oh, alright Polly,” Jason huffed.  “No need to get dramatic. You can give me a blowjob,” Jason pulled his shirt out of his jeans, and unbuttoned them.  He shrugged his jeans off and let them fall down to his ankles.  He pulled his cock out of his boxers, and began stroking himself.  Polly paused a moment, watching him touch himself.  He had a nice length cock. Jason stopped, and looked at her.

“Well?” he asked questioningly.

Polly sat up in the bath, leaned toward Jason, and put her hand on his cock.  He removed his hand, and Polly began stroking him up and down.  Twisting her hand clockwise and counter clockwise, she stroked him harder and harder.  Putting her mouth on the head of his cock, she took as much of him in her mouth as she could.  She used her tongue, played with the head, and sucked in and out as she continued to stroke him up and down, clockwise and counter clockwise.  She felt Jason’s hand on the back of her head, forcing her to take him further and further into her mouth.  Jason’s cock was hitting the back of her throat, and she knew if he didn’t orgasm soon, she would begin to gag.  She stroked firmer and faster, and sucked harder.

“Oooohhhh yeah …. oooohhhh yeah …. suck me harder …. fuck yeah ….”  Polly felt Jason put a hand on each side of her head, and fuck her mouth fast.  She relaxed her throat and opened her mouth wider.  “OOOOHHHH YEAH!” he exclaimed loudly, and came in her mouth.  Jason released her head; Polly extracted his penis from her mouth and spat out his cum.

Jason bent down and kissed her on the top of her head.  “Good job, Polly,” he said, bending down to pull his jeans back up.  “It was just what I needed after this rotten day. Now, stop sulking and come get something to eat.  The pasta sauce is mediocre, but will do.”  Jason walked out of the bathroom, leaving Polly to herself.

Polly felt strange.  She didn’t have the same satisfaction she usually got from giving Jason a blowjob.  Something The Stripper said to her kept replaying in her mind: “women want to be appreciated and should never be ignored.”  She got out of the bathtub, wrapped a towel around her hair, put her bathrobe on, and headed to the kitchen to eat.

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